What is the Meaning of El Camino?

Much awaited for the sequel to the Breaking Bad is finally streaming on Netflix and it is as exciting as it was expected to be. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie‘s director, Vince Gilligan has finally developed a worth-while story for the Jesse Pinkman’s fate. The two-hour movie is following Jesse after leaving Jack’s cage driving in an El Camino and troubles ahead of him. Although there are a lot of flashbacks cameos, the movie has an original story that involves a salvation/revenge theme. As the movie is being watched by many Netflix users right now, it is time to answer this simple question that what is the meaning of El Camino?

To put this accurately, we need to be reminded of Jesse’s extremely difficult situation in the fifth season. Jesse was being captive against his will, making meth for Jack’s gang which threatened to kill Brock, his ex-lover’s son. Walt shows up, kills the gang, gets shot, and frees Jesse. Now Jesse is on his way to run from the cups and the nation-wide manhunt for him. El Camino starts with a flashback including a conversation between Mike and Jesse.

Only you can decide what’s best for you, Jesse. Not him [Walt], not me.
– Mike Ehrmantraut

In this scene, Mike says that if he were Jesse, he would start fresh, in somewhere like Alaska, which he eventually does! From this scene, we understand that he sorta has a plan from when he decided to retire. Plus, we already know Jesse’s frustration over what he had suffered. He has enough, already! But getting to what he wants, comes with a cost and brings him salvation. Salvation over all the bad things he had to do.

Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – Netflix

Jesse needs to get himself to the last frontier (Alaska) to start fresh and have the life he was always waiting for. The true meaning of the movie is that Jesse, with all the terrible things he had done, is worthy of a second chance. After all, he was the one who lost his loved ones, family and friends. Vince Gilligan has written a masterful script in which he explores deep into the mind of the main character. As he goes on and remembers key moments that shaped some kind of a different perspective. Aaron Paul is back with his full potential and represents his life-changing role in a darker fashion which gives us one of the best performances of the year. The countless cameos from the series have worked absolutely effective in creating an emotional bond with the audience. The scene with Jane and the other one with Walt has strong character development which helps us to experience new aspects of the characters that we loved and followed for six years.

As far as what the creator intended to show with this film goes, it succeeds. El Camino provides a simple, yet engaging story with great breaking bad references that every fan would enjoy and paints a dark but clear picture of Jesse’s end. I have created a Lyric Video using El Camino Pictures for AaRON’s Magnetic Road. You can check it out right here and share with your friends if you enjoyed it.

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