Watergate: A 2-Day Experience

As a part of Green Me Festival Workshop in Tehran our group was supposed to make a short film in 96 hours. As much as challenging it was, this project also was an amazing teamwork experience for me.We came up with an idea in the first day of workshop on Saturday. we had to write it down in a few sentences and bring it to the workshop director. After that we formed a basic storyline which Shahin worked on it. He wrote the script that night and the directing team designed a simple and fast decoupage of the shots.

We started shooting on Monday. In less than a few hours we shot almost half of the film and the main heist group scenes. Soroush, our DP, used a 5D mk III with analog prime lenses. We also shot the slow motion scenes with iPhone 6s which gave us true 240fps capturing at 720p resolution. Monday was our big day cause we had lots of outside scenes with four actors. Almost all the shots that needed some kind of preparation or accessories were planned on this day.

Our second day of shooting, surprisingly took more time. We had to break into two groups on the final hours to shot simultaneously in two different locations. Tuesday was passing quickly and we were working hard in order to use the most of the natural light. Finally we finished the production step and started the editing at night.

Shahin, Negin and me spent almost 8 hours of constant work on editing, color grading and sound editing of the film. We finished the final touches on Wednesday at 4 AM and we were supposed to deliver it by 10 AM. The final edition of film was four and half minutes long and quite satisfying. We could finally take a break.

Although we didn’t win the prize but I must say it really was a great experience. Shahin and I had done such projects before as we created 28 Percent Pure from idea to final film in less than 24 hours, but this time it was different. The fact that we had to work on a group with six fellow members with different views and ideas made all the difference and turned this project into a challenging yet enjoyable teamwork experience. The following is a series of still photos captured from Watergate. I hope I can share the complete film here soon.

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