Five Reasons to be excited about Blade Runner 2049

2017 marks the 35th anniversary of Blade Runner‘s premiere which is actually insane when you think about it. We are now two years away from the film’s fictional 2019, which hopefully is nothing quite similar to what it portrayed. Besides that, Blade Runner is one of the most overrated independent movies of all time. The film reached a quite remarkable success with movie fans and made itself one of the biggest cult movies of the 20th century. Now after 35 years, A sequel is about to be released which takes place 30 years after the events of the first movie! There are many reasons to be worried about this new sequel, the unsuccessful disastrous similar experiences for one, but here are 5 reasons to be excited about this new Blade Runner movie:

Class-A Cast

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are enough to hold a movie up and running, especially when Harrison Ford had a successful return in the new Star Wars movie. Put them beside Robin Wright, Jared Leto, and Dave Bautista. Each one of these starts is enough to be the lead character in a blockbuster movie and yet they are all together in one successful franchise sequel. The trailers suggest a powerful casting which we, of course, should wait for.

Ridley Scott Backs It

It’s always a good sign that the original movie’s director puts his support in the sequels, especially when a well-known master such as Ridley Scott is involved. Scott is one of the executive producers of the new Blade Runner and while he couldn’t find the time to direct himself, his fingerprints are all over the reboot. “It’s good,” he says, “very good.”

Dennis Villenueve, Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling - Blade Runner 2049 Backstage

Dennis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling – Blade Runner 2049 Backstage


Roger Deakins Shot it

It’s almost undeniable that Roger Deakins is one of the greatest cinematographers of our time. He has shot some extraordinary movies in his career which brought him 13 Academy award nominations. His significant advantage is his masterful usage of color and light. Deakins powerful knowledge of colors and how to represent them in a film is quite famous among cinema lovers. Just think of any of these films: Skyfall, True Grit, No Country For Old Men, A Beautiful Mind, Fargo, The Assassination of Jesse James. He has also worked with Villeneuve on Prisners (2013) and also Sicario (2015) which both nominated for Oscars.

Seems/Sounds Like the Original Blade Runner

From what the trailer represents, we should expect a classic Blade Runner. Both Image and music are close to what we experienced in the first movie. The static wide shots, limited color palette, and the electronic music are all parts that shaped the first movie. The music which is a collaboration work of two incredible score composers, Hans Zimmer and Johann Johannson, is expected to be a very fine piece of classic/electronic composition. As far as we have seen from the imagery, it seems that Villeneuve wanted to keep things as original as possible.

It’s directed by Dennis Villeneuve

Dennis Villeneuve is without a doubt one of the best Hollywood directors, right now. He is one of the few directors who brings his personal signature into the work. His elegance and adequacy rank him among Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. His recent works from Enemy (2013) to Arrival (2016) has been incredibly well-directed. He knows how to use mise-en-scene and cinematography to create an inescapable atmosphere. With someone like Villeneuve on the job, Blade Runner fans can hope for a strong, fascinating reboot to their favorite movie.

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