Life Is Strange

We have all seen first-person adventure video-games which give you the option to choose your own path, and most certainly we have all played sci-fi ones in which you can turn back the time. As much as awesome that combining these two factors is, what makes Life Is Strange a totally different experience is something else.

Life Is Strange is the type of game which connects with you using personal common experience. It will bring you to the world in which you really are familiar with. It’s like that you’ve been living in Arcadia Bay, you grew up there, you know its people, its diner, its beach, its warm sunset and its all-over-the-city graffitis. It’s like that you have been away for a couple of years and now you are back, just like Max. You are the one who is re-exploring this town and the one who is looking for new angles as taking photographs with your instant camera. This is what makes me love this game. It creates the moments, the micro-interactions and the conversations so familiar and believable that you, as a player, literally become the character. The tiniest details in these simple moments of you spending time in school or street or your friend’s house, are the important structure of what this game is trying to do, giving you the power of decision-making. Every decision that you make has a consequence. I mean this is what it is all about, right?

I, personally connected with this game so much. Max Caulfield is truly one of my favorite characters and interestingly not because I was able to control her acts and decisions but because of her formed idealistic, heroic characteristics of hers in which I could see in myself.

I believe this game (and I’m talking about the first season) is a must-do. It’s a fascinating game with a strong storyline and most importantly is a remarkable experience.

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