Judging At Cinemania Texas Film Festival

This March I was offered to be a part of judging committee of the 2nd Texas Cinemania International Film Festival. Honestly, I was thrilled and also scared at the same time. In general, Judging is a hard job and I do not consider myself as a professional, even in short film. But the reason that I accepted the offer was to watch different international films and learn more about filmmaking in different countries.

I started to watch and rate films online. Surprisingly, the quality of the films was higher than I expected to be. Some of them, which is now in the official selection, had strong ideas with great approaches. I based my final vote on a combination of different criteria but the most important one was the filmmaker’s success to tell his/her story. Here are the final officially selected films for this year’s festival:

Munitionettes (Lara Cochetel), A Funny Man (Benjamin T. Wilson, Peter J.S. Regan ), Seer (Ben Gilbert), Modernity (Roberto Barba), Dear Anima (Robin Lu Shieh), Axelle (Dufossé Sara, Trocki Nikita), The Elusive (Ely Chevillot), The Red Laces (Simone Valentini), Dugga (Chandrasish Ray), Dark Circus (Julia Ostertag), This is our Africa – This is us (Michael van Zyl), Wanderlust (Barnaby Boulton), My Life I Don’t Want (Nyan Kyal Say), Brotherhood (Christian Washington), 911-PIZZA (Elefterios Zacharopoulos ), Lovers (Raul Simao), Spare the Air PSA (Terry J. Thomas, Alexis Rudd)

In overall, I’m more than satisfied with the results and had a great time watching all these excellent works. I hope I’ll do these sort of projects again in the near future and I’m thankful to TXСIFF 2017 executives.

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