Iran Will Vote For Rouhani On Friday! Here’s Why

Update: I have some different views now which you can read here. But I should state that this article’s content is all factual.
Friday, May 19th is a critically important day for Iran and the world. As the hardliners’ rise is now on a halt after French 2017 Election on May 7th, it is now Iranians turn to show the world that falsehood, extremism, and populism are not acceptable in this logical world.

This Friday, Iranian people are going to prove that the hope to reach a peaceful world is not dead yet. Iranian people are going to elect rationalism over demagoguery. Iranian people are going to choose peace over war and facts over the lies. Iran’s president, Hasan Rouhani, will be the choice of Iranians and here’s why:

International Ties / Economic Achievements

Before 2013, the international sanctions and poor domestic policies put Iran in a dangerous position both in economic and political issues. Rohani’s administration tried to stop the damage in its first attempts and improving the status step by step. In his four-year cycle, they managed to reach a non-zero sum deal with 5+1 leaders on Iran’s nuclear program. It stopped the nuclear-related sanctions right away and ensured the world that Iran’s nuclear program is harmless to the international peace. Iran Deal made hardline extremists groups angry cause they were profited directly from the tensions between Iran and US.

The administration also managed to control the insane inflation rate. From 40% it is now down to under 10% for the first time in the last thirty years. The currency market got more stable and people’s purchasing power has improved narrowly since Rouhani took office.

Iran’s non-oil balance of trade turned positive in the past Iranian year, which ended March 19. The $916 million trade surplus is the country’s first since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. It’s hailed as an achievement that the country secured despite international sanctions as well as low oil prices.

Health and Environment Achievements

One of the harmful effects of international sanctions was that vital medicines became rare and so expensive. Many families were having difficulties to reach critical medicine and if so, had to spend a fortune. State hospitals’ conditions were terrible and patients were literally in agony. Rouhani’s administration and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education proposed an impressive healthcare bill to reduced to costs of medicine, preexistence conditions, and vital operations to the minimum for covered citizens.

At the beginning of Rouhani’s administration, the country was facing numerous geographical problems. For instance the drought of Urmia Lake which could lead to an environmental crisis endangering people’s lives in a 500-km radius. Government efforts with the help of people and NGOs revived Urmia Lake and we observed a noticeable increase in its depth and surface area in the past year.

Dust storms are another recent problem in Iran which has been really troubling in the last few years, especially in the southern provinces. A few months back when a dust storm in Khozestan caused electricity and water cut, President Rouhani personally entered and launched a new soil stabilization project in order to stop dust storms.

Media / Expansion of Internet

Rouhani’s four-year cycle was progressive in expanding internet coverage and bandwidth. Now, Many villages have access to the internet and there are no new social media filtering recorded.

Media including news agency and newspapers experienced more freedom even to attack the president and criticize his actions. The previous government banned This kind of criticism via shutting down websites, newspapers, and also imprisoning reporters. On the other side, the official broadcasting of Iran (IRIB) kept attacking Rouhani. They kept publishing false news and reports on his administration.

A Strong “No” to Extremists from “Iran”

The most important reason to re-elect president Rouhani is to stand strongly against the hardliners and religious extremists who have been dominating Iran’s domestic and foreign policy by the voice of threat, anger, and Irrationality. Iranian people had enough with this viewpoint and are seeking their civil basic rights. No matter how much money, resources and false reports are being used by this irrational group to empower a far-right extremist with populistic and demagogic statements. On this Friday, the clear and strong voice of the Iranians will be heard by these groups and also the rest of the world.

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