House of Cards Dodges A Bullet in Season 5

When Netflix postponed the release date of its most important series, we all guessed that maybe Trump’s presidency is going to affect the show. They ended season 4 in a way that the result of 2016 election remained unfolded in both the series and the real world. This lead to a possibility of leaving the window open for changes in the storyline, but what has happened in this new season proves that House of Cards is far more ahead of the real world events and its world is significantly unique.

Since season 2, HOC always had a sample of the real world events which kept the series incredibly up to date. The China deal in season 2, Gaza (As Jordan Valley) Conflict in season 3 and the rise of the ISIL (as IKO) in season 4, they were all actual real-world issues playing a part in the dramatic advantage of the series. But the crazy 2016 presidential race was too much of mess to predict or use for the benefit of the show. So the HOC writers masterfully picked a few touches and created their own version of the crazy election, and frankly, they took it too far.

They have established a scenario in which things can go wrong and out of hand, way more than what we are watching in the Trump’s administration and there is a key reason for that. Trump is not, and cannot be Francis Underwood. Nor he can be the Conway. Underwood is smart and Conway is young. If anything, I think the writers tried to erase anything Trump-ish in the new season. This is not the real world. There is no Trumpism in this reality. There is only power represented by the Underwoods and the rest of the world against them.

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards - Season 5

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood – House of Cards / Season 5 / Courtesy of Netflix

While the season 5 starts weak it gains its power episode by episode towards the end. If the season 4 was about the relationship between Francis and Claire, this season is definitely about Claire’s relationship with Francis. This is the season that Claire takes the charge and handles the things Underwood style. As I’m trying to keep this article spoiler-free, I’m going to write a more detailed review of season 5 later, but for now, all I can say is that with all the ups and downs, House of Cards still remained as strong as it began. I think it’s really important to understand that what the HOC writers did in this season, which is preventing themselves from writing under the real world’s election race influence, was essential to keep this series alive. Honestly, I’m not as excited as I was before for the next season but I’m really confident that with this new turn of events, the show is prepared for a great finale. The one that this intriguing adventure deserves.

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