Firewatch: Spectacular and Eye-catching

I started blogging with an article on a video game, Joel & Ellie which was about The Lat of Us. Since then I have written lots of uncompleted drafts on a few other video-games which I enjoyed very much and needed to write something about. Some of them were extraordinary and incredible but none of them made me this enthused to write something about it. Firewatch is a first-person story-based adventure developed by Campo Santo. It is a stunning and beautiful looking experience which isolates you from your environment and puts you in the shoes of the forty-something Henry who has accepted a fire lookout job in a forest in Wyoming. In a spoiler-free blog post, I want to share my experience with whoever may be interested in playing such video game.

First of all, You need to know that this game is a narrative and the real action is happening in the storyline. As you are an alone fire lookout in your area, your highest point of interaction with people is restricted to radio conversations with your boss, Delilah. This is the fundamental element of collecting information and the key to understanding how the story unravels. So make sure to pay attention to all the conversations and any other written or visual detail. Think of Firewatch as a four-hour movie with a beautiful scenery. Missing a simple dialogue which could seem unimportant can trouble you in future, especially because many of the conversations or forming on each other and are most often in reference to the things you have already talked about.

Photos captured by me using the in-game disposable camera. | Courtesy of Campo Santo

Photos captured by me using the in-game disposable camera. | Courtesy of Campo Santo

Firewatch is about people and relations and it tells people’s stories masterfully. The story puts the audience exactly where it needs them, even when the final credits appear, there is a logical and creative storyline unwrapping itself. This could also be traced in the duration of each chapter, which is so well-crafted. To be honest, there is not much you can do in this game but the few things you can, are more than enough for what story needs. In many ways we expect Firewatch to be about the main two characters, Henry and Delilah, which kinda is. But the main plot revolves around the main character. I mean that’s what a first-person game is usually about, right?

Firewatch really got into me. As Henry, I faced some weird and exciting adventures and most of all I was engaged with the story. In this game, you got to follow the instructions but you are free to take your own conclusion. Frankly, you should prepare your head to be messed with and I suggest you embrace it. Enjoy the space and setting because that’s one of the most fascinating aspects of this game. It is a must-play experience with a unique environment, great gameplay, and top-notch voice actors. The amount of realness and feelings that Rick Sommer and Cissy Jones have added to this game, is unbelievable. Anyways, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on this game. I really want to write a complete analysis of its ending, sometime, which of course will include lots of spoilers, so I hope you’ll have a chance to play it before then.

P.S: The whole game has a vibe that reminded me of Life Is Strange, a lot. Especially its prequel, Before the Storm which follows the same concepts and plot narratives. Both games also share a voice actress, Delilah is portrayed by Cissy Jones which is also the voice behind Joyce in LIS 1.

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