[Egyptian Myth] A demon serpent of darkness whom Ra, as sun god, destroys every morning at dawn. [Astronomy] A near-Earth asteroid, predicted to have a small possibilty of hitting earth in 2036.


Just a few hours to a massive asteroid impact located in Tehran, a volunteer rescuer meets a man who's decided not to leave the city.

Cast and Crew

Apophis is a low budget student project which is made possible by the passion and talent of these incredible people:

Actor - as Keyvan Sarvi

Actor - as Bahman Firouzi

Shafagh Abousaba

First Assistant Director
Production Planner

Delaram Fathi

Production Manager

Parnian Gharesoori

Script Supervisor

Makeup Artist

Cinematography Unit

Mona Mohamadyari


Dariush Oskoui

VFX Supervisor

Script Consultant

Production Team

Soheyl Goharipour

Additional Cinematography

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